Finally….They have arrived!

The Juniperus Virginiana have arrived and we are agog! They are so beautiful with their vivid red coloring which is almost purple in the rain….this is wood to the nth degree. Will post pics as we mill them and get to the heart of the matter. Enjoy!

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  1. Alan says:

    Nice color to those logs. How do you peel those bumpy ones? I’ve seen some places pressure wash the bark off, but can you drawknife those?

    • timbullock says:

      You can’t peel them at all with a drawknife….It takes a 3200 psi power washer with a rotating nozzle.
      We will be milling today to open them up. Cheers

      • Alan says:

        Will you use these for dovetail or round timberframe?

        When you say open them up, it sounds like your removing the sides. That would kinda imply dovetail.

        Whatever you do I’m sure it will be spectacular! 😉

        These are some beautiful logs.


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