“Juniperus Virginiana”

That sure is a tongue twister which is perhaps why it is usually misnamed Eastern Red Cedar. Most of you will be familiar with this cedar for closet linings and small craft boxes but we are thinking waaaay bigger. We have sourced and have on order 12′ logs with up to 22″ diameter on the small end for a project although we did buy a few extra for?? This wood resists rot and insects and does not shrink appreciably as compared to most other woods. We are excited as the milled timbers can be left outside with no treatment and they will last and last. Maybe for porch posts as vertical posts exposed to the weather really take a beating from the sun and rain. Flooring might be an option as we can mill it up to 16″ wide or for 6 board blanket boxes. The butt flare is awesome and will make excellent interior posts with the deep red heartwood and the creamy sapwood. Check back later as we will have pictures when the first load arrives.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Okay…waiting for the pics!

  2. Robin says:

    Add one more hierarchy and you have a real tongue twister. “Juniper Juniperus Virginiana”
    Pictures.. we want pictures!!

  3. Alan says:

    What about pics of these beauties arriving??? Come on Tim, get with the plan, need some pics or this post is useless…*sigh*

    WTF, I don’t make the rules on the inet, neither does shanny…without pics you’re just talkin’ trailer trash my friend…lol

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