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Tree House

Test Fit today!  We made a structural support grid to ensure that everything worked and is level and square without any deflection. It worked as my calcs were correct and the craftsmen that work for me came through again. We pulled the grid off of the tree to incorporate the octagon decking and octagon building on top on the ground. Once the building is done, we will work on the roof system which may be flat or peaked……virtues of both approaches. We shall see. Come Visit again as we progress. Tim

Don’t have a tree, we have you covered!

Sweet Arches

Cedar ArchCedar ArchCourtyard ArchCedar Arch

We carved the Juniperus Virginiana to gentle arches and were overwhelmed by the nicest aroma…fresh carved cedar.

Milling Juniperus!!!!!!!!

We did it!!!…..I can’t believe the purple color with the contrasting creamy sapwood. This wood will never get boring as it just keeps giving up its’ beauty as you look at it and touch it. Tomorrow is another day as we will mostly finish off the milling and then onto the carving rack as these must be arched for an arbor project.

In the meantime, I need some black walnut for a wee project at home which will be prepped tomorrow…..It is part of a walnut crotch. Will post pics as this a beautiful piece of wood. I spoke to Sir Juniperus logger and we will be getting some even bigger logs shortly.