Q – Who designs my handcrafted log or timber home?

A – We have been design / building custom Handcrafted Log & Timber Homes for 31 years. We prefer to work with you on the design as a custom log home is very personal purchase. Working closely with our clients, we can offer creative features not available from another company. Example: West Virginia is blessed with an abundance of hardwoods and softwoods and you may want a cherry or oak feature beam or a second floor timber system of ash incorporated in your design. We have worked with other architects and designers throughout the years and welcome this option as an alternative.

Q – Who assembles my handcrafted log or timber home?

A – We assemble all of our handcrafted log or timber homes utilizing the very same craftsmen that built your home at our building site. Master craftsman, Timothy J. Bullock personally attends every re-assembly to ensure quality control.

Q – What is the cost per square foot?

A – We price our handcrafted log and timbers on an individual design basis and not by the square foot. A very simple design might be as little as $25.00 per square foot whereas complex designs with many features might exceed $100.00 per square foot.

Q – Can you finance my handcrafted log or timber home?

A – We will work with the client’s financial institution to accommodate payment schedules but we do not offer financing ourselves.

Q – Do you have a completed home that we can visit?

A – Absolutely, we prefer you visit a past client to view our craftsmanship firsthand. We have built homes throughout the USA and Canada for the past 31 years. Please contact us to allow us to make arrangements on your behalf.

Q – How do I get started?

A – There have been many approaches to answer this question. Penny and I would like to meet with you personally. We would like to see all of your clippings / photos and floor plans of wants and needs, to allow us to work with you on deciding the best approach. However, some clients (due to distance) prefer to work with us via telephone and email which has worked well for all concerned in the past.

Q – Where do you get your logs?

A – Our logs are purchased locally to West Virginia which reduces excessive freight costs.

Q – What species of logs do you use?

A – We use premium, giant Eastern White Pine log for our round log and dovetail log home. These logs are all visually graded for defects. We also offer oak timbers for our true “Appalachian Dovetail Style” for the discriminating clients.

Q – Are your logs graded by a third party inspection agency?

A – Many states require third party grading for all log home. We use Timber Products Inspection for this service as they are licensed grading agency for all states and Canada. Please check with your local building department for this information.

Q – Do you have any dealers?

A – No, we deal directly with all of our clients.

Q – What is the R-Value of your handcrafted log and timber homes?

A – Our logs have a minimum R-Value of R20 with R30 available with larger diameter logs.

Q – What type of insulation do you use between the logs?

A – We use non-toxic, renewable resource sheep wool that has been treated with non-toxic boron (it is also natural as it comes from Borax). We do offer Emseal® along with sheep wool, if desired by clients.

Q – Is Western Red Cedar a better building log than Eastern White Pine due to its natural decay resistance?

A – Western Red Cedar is an excellent building log but does require stain to preserve its natural beauty and durability. All logs will decay as this is a natural process and Eastern White Pine will perform as well as Western Red Cedar with the appropriate treatments.

Q – Do you general contract your handcrafted log and timber homes?

A – We have in the past but now specialize in log and timber work as this consumes all of our time. We have worked with several excellent GC’s throughout the country and would be more than pleased to recommend someone close to your area. Should you choose to act as your own GC or have your own GC, we are only a telephone call away for consultation.

Q – Who does the electrical for my handcrafted log and timber home?

A – We work with our clients to ascertain all outlet and switch locations. We do all of the drilling and box cutouts for your electrician.

Q – Do you drill for plumbing?

A – All plumbing is in the interior framed walls as the logs on the exterior would allow freezing in most areas.

Q – Do you supply log stair, log railings and log siding?

A – Yes, we can supply handcrafted log stairs, log railing and log siding. We typically use Eastern White Pine for the interior railings and naturally rot resistant Eastern White Cedar for exterior railing. We have also built many spiral log staircases as feature stairs.

Q – Do you recommend / design your log homes with generous roof overhangs?

A – We always design / build our log and timber homes with generous roof overhangs as this protects the logs, reducing maintenance costs in the future.