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Tim Bullock Our Builder

Tim Bullock Our Builder

Tim Bullock Our Master Builder,  has been designing and building Log and Timber Structures since 1980. Log construction continues to be an ongoing educational learning process for Tim to keep his title as,

Tim Bullock Our Master Builder

This career choice happened in 1978 upon visiting a library and obtaining the book: Building with Logs by B. Allan Mackie. I absorbed every last word and felt a need for action.


The only school for log building in the east, at the time, was Pat Wolfe School of Log Building. Eight glorious weeks of scribing, cutting and learning was fulfilling in and of itself. I was taught the gutter adze method of removal for the Scandinavian full scribe log construction method. This made the most sense in that it is desirable to remove less wood to achieve a tight fit. The dominant method (although still used today by some builders) is the Deep V notch, removing large amounts of wood quickly. Sadly, this Deep V method creates ill-fitting logs over the years as the building shrinks. Craftsmanship must (in my opinion) be the raison d’être for even choosing this career.


With a course in mechanical drafting at British Columbia Institute of Technology, it was off to work as a log builder. After three years of apprenticing to other builders, it was time to strike out on my own. The rest they say is history. May years and magnificent homes later with large crews and even larger overheads there was a “need” to get back to my roots. West Virginia had a proud tradition of handcrafted log homes. They were being replaced with machine made log homes, mechanical fasteners and so so quality. West Virginia has an abundance of premium building materials and climate for year round building of handcrafted log and timber homes. We have a small highly skilled crew building our log homes, one log at a time.


Our client’s dreams become our dreams as clients become life long friends.