Waste Not Want Not!!!!!!!

Building Log Homes always seems to create waste and we pride ourselves in trying to reduce our waste to zero. We had a lot of short pieces of logs lying around which if left alone would return to the earth aka rot. This little garden building utilized every short piece of log in inventory¬†as we milled them into 8″ X 8″ to construct a 7′ X 11′ piece en piece building with timber subfloor, 8″ thick walls and 8″ X 8″ posts…..we milled 3″ thick material for the flat roof….covered the roof in 2″ thick styrofoam for insulation and then covered the roof with rubber roofing. The window treatment was simple with the manually operated window covers and the door is a standard Zee pattern plank door. The roof would support a roof garden or someone could put raised beds or pots of flowers on top or could simply climb a ladder and enjoy the view.We try and innovate with new ideas and experiment with alternatives in our spare time as we believe a zero waste planet is possible. What do you think?

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  1. Robert Kiddy says:

    I have driven past your site many times and now that I see this on here, I’m curious what the price of this construction or any of the other “out buildings” you have in the yard run?

    Bob Kiddy

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